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Develop a Fully Customised Home in St. Albans, Hertfordshire

From bathroom installations to kitchen installations, we allow you to create the home that you have always dreamed of. T H Interiors, in St. Albans, Hertfordshire, has more than 30 years' experience in designing and fitting domestic rooms, allowing you to learn to love your home all over again.


Cooking in Style

When you have a new kitchen installed, T H Interiors offers clients complete project management, from conception through to completion. To ensure you receive a tailored kitchen, we offer a complete design consultation, with CAD drawings being created around your individual requirements and fittings being chosen by you from our extensive brochures. Following the drawings, we will issue a free quotation and schedule the work as soon as possible. We take care of the entire fitting process, including the kitchen itself as well as the appliances, tiling, electrics, and plumbing. Further down the line, customers are able to take advantage of our replacement kitchen door service, including painted, hardwood, and full foil-wrapped doors.

A Room of Relaxation

With a bathroom from T H Interiors, the work begins with a free consultation, during which we will identify your specific needs and offer expert advice on the most suitable fittings. Using our extensive brochures we will choose the bathroom, fixtures, and tiles that suit your style, design, and size requirements. After you have chosen your bathroom, we will carry out the fitting in its entirety. Alternatively, customers that have already sourced their suite are able to utilise our fitting as an individual service, benefitting from our expert approach.

Space to Study

Convert an empty space into a study with our help. Whether you already have a completed design, or would like us to develop the layout of the room, we will fit a home office or study that fits your needs. All of the facilities and desks will be fitted, while we are also able to supply and fit bookcases and furniture.

You'll Never Leave Your Bedroom

Following a comprehensive consultation, we will design the purpose-made bedroom that you have always dreamed about. The process starts by receiving a free consultation that covers the entire work, including any painting, decorating, electrics, and carpentry that is required.

All Trades Avaiable

T H Interiors are your one stop shop for all trades and small build needs covering:

Electricians - Plumbers - Decorators - Carpenters - Plasterers - Flooring Specialists - Builders

Contact us in St. Albans, Hertfordshire, to receive more information about our kitchen and bathroom installations.